Special Call for Submissions

“Natural” Disasters & The Environment, guest edited by Jasminne Mendez

This special issue of the Acentos Review seeks poetry, video poems, fiction and creative non-fiction by Latinx writers about past, present and future natural disasters and the environment. Poems can be as literal or as creative and eccentric as you like with your definition of natural disasters and/or the environment. We hope to see poems about anything from recent and past natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, flooding, global warming, the Flint water crisis, pipelines and power plants, to environmental racism, gentrification, displacement and everything in between.

Poetry: Please submit between 3-5 pages of poetry, in one single document.

Video Poems: Please submit 1 video poem (mp4) 5 minutes or less. Please submit the text of video poem with your submission. If you include images or music that is not your own in your video poem, please be sure to credit the photographer/artist(s).

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction: Please submit 1 piece of 2,000 words or less, double spaced Times New Roman Font.

Do not submit more than one entry per category.  


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